10 Romantic and Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations in Pakistan

Let’s face it the most exciting affair after the wedding is planning a trip to a dream destination with your partner. It’s a bizarre way to start your new life with your partner forever. The honeymoon is the cherry of top after the wedding shenanigans. We want to make it as much beautiful as possible to make memories that last until eternity. Going to the northern areas of the country after tying the knot with your partner is not a foreign concept in Pakistan. No matter what you prefer a quiet beach for a romantic walk or a picturesque place land of Pakistan hold such places to match your all needs. There are endless numbers of sublime places in Pakistan that don’t cost us a fortune. Choosing a destination for your honeymoon is a tricky business. Travelo.pk presents you such evocative palate of destinations for your unforgettable trip. Travelo hoists destinations with handcrafted intimacy and inimitability to make your honeymoon a dream vacation. It has designed different packages; you can decide which suits your need and desire. The top ten most romantic places that are easy on the pocket too are detailed below:


  1. Murree

No matter how clichés it sounds but every single one of us wants to visit this place with our partner. It’s a famous and secure place that provides a relaxing environment for couples.  The bazaar in Murree is a perfect opportunity for you to spoil your partner and make her feel special. To walk along the mall road or perhaps ride a cart with your partner a perfect place to be.  You get to visit so many places that make your honeymoon even more productive in terms of things-to-experience.


  1. Pir Chinasi

It is a peak in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, a beautiful place with very scenic views of valleys & forests. Couples carry with them the gears of camping because they find it more enjoyable and economical. The atmosphere and surroundings make it a very nice experience. If you are looking to get away from the entire hectic schedule and surround yourself with beauty and nature then it is the place. It is a beloved spot for the trekkers and the tourists with a daring bent of mind.


  1. Upper Neelam

Neelam valley provides the most beautiful landscapes at an affordable price. The upper Neelam valley is famous for its crystal bluish water. It receives snowfall during the month of October. The colorful place with the snowy stuff everywhere in winters welcomes every person to fall in love with. The swaying lush green forests, snow capped mountains, streams singing songs of joy and fast flowing river Neelam all go together to make it naturalist’s wonderland.


  1. Ratti Gali Lake

Ratti Gali Lake is 18 kilometers from Dowarian. It is an alpine glacier lake with red flowers and green fields all around. There is a jeep track to facilitate the visitors. If you are an adventure seeker couple than it also offers camping facility to enjoy the beautiful and panoramic view at night as well, else there are many tourist’s camp too that can host lovebirds.


  1. Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba is a home to one of the ski resort in Pakistan. Its main attraction is the skiing and snowfall. The tourist from far and wide come here to experience skiing or you can simply watch gorgeous sunsets while toasting to your new life together. It is a destination that couples plan when visiting Swat valley.


  1. Sharda

It is said to be most beautiful place in Neelum Valley. It is situated at the outskirts of Neelum River. The culture of this place is simple and neat which offers major tourist attraction. Everything from its rich culture, astounding natural beauty, to the hospitality of its people, Sharda is a delightful place to visit on your honeymoon which is easy on the pockets too. The beautiful sight with fresh greenery is something to see for honeymoon


  1. Keran

It is a village and a tourist resort in Neelam Valley. India is clearly visible on the other side of the river. The enrapturing beauty of Keran in Neelam Valley will hold you and your partner spellbound. It is a very healthy place from environment point of you. The hotels and resorts in Keran are extremely economical that makes it a lot more attractive.


  1. Skardu

Skardu is located on the bank of the Indus River. It is one of the magical and beautiful honeymoon destinations for the newlyweds. The lovely waterfalls and crystal clear lakes provide such view which you will never forget. Besides being extremely easy in economic terms, the medley of natural growth offers captivating scenery.


  1. Chitral

Chitral is a place with a beautiful panoramic view to be enjoyed with your partner. The topography of Chitral is obscure with lush green marvelously beautiful valleys, and big glaciers. The sights at the Chitral are just striking that you don’t want to go back from there. Don’t forget to see the game of Polo in Chitral is one of the best things.


  • Jagran Valley

Jagran Valley is a beautiful place in the Neelam valley district of Pakistan It is just 58 kilometers away from the city of Muzaffarabad. The Guesthouse has facilities beyond your expectations including hot water and comfortable centrally heated rooms for both bachelors and families. It provides a feeling of blessing to have all the comfort in such wilderness. There is also a hydropower plant in Jagran, near to which is a beautiful cascade of a waterfall. Jagran is a place to shoot beautiful portraits with your partner.


Pakistan has managed to captivate its rich cultural heritage while adapting Western influences for tourists comfort. Travelo.pk accommodates according to your individual travel style and adventure goals while staying within your budget! Before settling into married life, this is the perfect time to see the world and discover new things about each other. Plan a trip with your partner to immerse in a DREAMSCAPE of inspiring art and natural beauty. Have a beautiful love-life, best of luck.

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