Hiking in Pakistan: A Thrilling Experience

The cool breeze, hues of red and orange, and the astonishing view are what mountains are notorious for. Mountains are the perfect place where Mother Nature shouts out loud with its vibrant color, bright light, cool breeze, waves, and sunshine. It is the perfect getaway place to get lost in the beauty of nature and get step aside from the hectic routine life of this hi-tech world. One of the most favorite parts of the mountainous expedition has always been hiking. With every step, you take, and the turns you make to look all behind keeps you stunned. You wish you had appreciated the beauty more.

Now, this is a perfect time to look for a Pakistan Tour Because God above has blessed it with bountiful of amazing mountain ranges perfect for hiking. It gives us the ultimate adrenaline rush, makes our heartbeat intensify, and illuminate the most awe-inspiring landscapes. Hold your seatbelts tight as we take you to the most thrilling mountain ranges in Pakistan.

  • Himalaya Range

It is a home for trekkers; it hosts the most astonishing mountains in which lie in the top ten peaks of the world and the killer of all Everest. Resided in the region of Gilgit-Baltistan, the view, the feel and the thrill of hiking, make the place all more captivating. Most of the time, snow is present in the region and the constant view of the mountains on the trek adds more beauty to the whole expedition. The climate here varies, at times it is extremely hostile, and at times it is extremely astonishing.

  • Karakoram Range

Karakoram Range is one of the most popular mountain ranges among the trekkers in the world. Originally, the Karakoram word is Turkish, which means black. The name may have been given because of its sterling assimilation of dark brown and black rocks, which continue to make trekkers mesmerize. Notorious as the most dangerous mountains for travelers, it continues to draw the trekkers in record numbers. The steep mountains, combined with enthralling landscape make it a true beauty and source of attraction among the bikers, cyclists, and trekkers alike. The range has its roots expanded to 3 countries i.e. Pakistan, India, and China. Favorite of all, K2 falls in this mountain range. The range also hosts the globe most significant glaciers and other mountains. The fantastic close-up view of the glaciers is never to be forgotten.

  • Hindu Kush Range

The Hindu Kush mountain ranges offer a great trail for hiking. This summit of mountains stretches along the Eastern Afghanistan which spread to the North Western part of Pakistan. The trek on this range of mountain is deadly because of the passes which run along the peaks. The region lacks the flora on the mountains as most of the glacier covers the area on the mountain. One of the highest peaks in the world Tirich Mir also resides in this region. Along with it, Nanga Parbat also resides in this region, the top ninth mountain in the world.

  • Sulaiman Mountains Range

This mountain range initial starts from Afghanistan and makes its place to Pakistan. The highest peak in this is shaped as a throne, which is named similar to it and is known as the ‘Throne of Solomon’ which is also notorious as Takht-i-Sulaiman. The temperature on the mountain is humid, and the trekking thrilling, therefore, individuals who are inclined towards making the most of their hiking, are usually seen here. The stories of legends attached to the mountain also add the curiosity among the hikers. Hike on this mountain range, and gets us some juicy stories of legends to pass on.

  • Kirthar Mountain Range

This mountain range has its roots expanded to two provinces i.e. Sindh and Baluchistan. It takes birth in Sindh and spreads along the central Baluchistan. The range is also home to the largest national parks of Pakistan, i.e. Kirthar National Park. In the year 2009, the highest peak of Pakistan was also discovered in it which is named Koh-e-Benazir. The name was given to honor the great politician leader Benazir Bhutto. Most of the peaks in the region have elevation exceeding 5500/6500 feet. Hiking in these mountains truly rejoices individuals.

This expedition brings out the true wilderness in the hikers, and an individual should explore the majestic beauty of these ranges.

Pack those bags and get ready to find solitude among these mountain ranges in Pakistan.

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