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This year Pakistan will turn 71. With the new president, this independent day is sure to serve as a breath of fresh air to us all. Reflecting back at the time, I remember as a child the independence excitement was unmatched by any other day. The Independence Day buntings, the charts, the badges, sweets, and candies, makes our eyes glow and shine like never. However, the drive to adulthood has dull the spark of enthusiasm. The excitement can still be revived when we get to think of the long weekend that follows it. It depicts itself as the perfect time to pause and relax, and the time to indulge in the long due plans. Making most of it is in our hand although has supplied in some ideas to make this weekend as exciting as never before.


  • Travel to Nathia Gali

The most exotic place that individuals crave to visit in Pakistan is Nathia Gali. It is a beautiful resort town located on a mountain in Hazara, in the region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The scenic beauty of the place compels the people, the hiking tracks call the adventure enthusiastic, and the pleasant climate echoes the comfort and contentment. The place can also be reached through Murree and Abbottabad allowing access to thousands of travel enthusiastic. The Gali encompasses thousands of Walnut, Pine Oak, and Maple trees which augments the tranquility of the place. If you are someone who is willing to experience the fog adventure that this place is your calling. Based on the fog experienced here, it has been named as the city of fog.

  • Travel to Ratti Gali

Ratti Gali is a lake which is destined in the Neelam valley in the region of Azad Kashmir. The lake is situated 12130Ft above the sea level. The trip to the lake is thrilling and exciting, which is covered by a jeep ride. The lake is surrounded by the green land posture exhibiting a natural beauty at its best lead by the glacier amplifying the compelling capability of the place. The place holds the worldwide-recognized flora and fauna which surpass the average beauty standard of the place. The place holds some of the best waterfalls in Pakistan, which are bound to take your country beauty appreciation to a whole new level.

  • Travel to Kel Valley

Destined in the region of Azad Kashmir, the place continues to draw visitors with its unmatched beauty. The place rests at 7000 above the sea level and is mostly the first place tourist visit. The magnificent landscape has continued to serve as a simple of Pakistan beauty to the tourist of every time. It also incorporates the picturesque view of the assimilation of the Shounter Nallah and the River Neelam.

  • Travel to Ramkot Fort

The place is located in the Mangla city in Kashmir. It is notorious as the historical remark of Pakistan. Built by a Sikh Maharaja, the fort is constructed on the hill, which adds to its beauty and provides a fantastic view of the surrounding. The magnificent river Jhelum is accessible from the three sides of the Fort. The climb to the fort is tiresome, but the view is worth every single effort, powerful enough to take all the tiredness away

     Closing Remarks:

These exciting places hold some untold stories, which can only be experienced when one actually gets to visit these places. The thrilling rides, the pleasant sites, the magnificent hills, all in all, are set to revive the spirit of patriotism in us. These are going to illuminate the sacrificing that our forefather went and the beautiful gift they have provided for us. To assist you in discovering the true beauty and exploring the hidden stories travelo has introduced various Pakistan tour packages in 2018. Then what are you waiting for, replenish the stories and the patriotic feel this independence with travelo?

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